Let me teach you the
 that make my photos pop!

I photograph at any time of day! You will think: "what? Even at noon?", and I will tell you YES! How? I understand how light works and how I can "kill the sun" with my camera and light my subject afterwards. 

Understanding light is the key to my photography style. Side lighting, Rembrandt Lighting, Butterfly Lighting, etc. I can teach that to you! You want to create very dramatic images? I can also teach you that! 


Let me teach you the             that make my photos pop!

Want to learn my secrets when it comes to photography?

I want to learn!

I love to teach one on one because I can really focus on YOUR needs and YOUR skills. 

Before each teaching session you will receive a PDF that I made with what we will study that day. Then we will go to the field and practice for 2 hours because let's be honest... Understanding photography is much easier when taught face to face with a model. 

All my 1 on 1 sessions include a model so you are guaranteed to go home with beautiful images to grow your portfolio! 

Also, I offer teaching lessons for all levels! Whether you just bought a camera, or you are a pro who wants to have a better understanding of lighting, I am your guy!

My number one goal: YOU!

Teach me plz

I highly recommend Julien for photography instruction and mentorship sessions.

I chose Julien because he has an incredible eye and insane skills for making flash look natural. We had an off camera flash one-on-one workshop today and I couldn’t believe the progress I made during the session.

He came to me so we could shoot in my environment, commissioned a flawless model, and brought tons of gear so we could try out different methods.

If you have been putting off learning OCF or filling other gaps in your photography knowledge, work with Julien today!!



But before that, let's get on a call to get to know each other better. 

let's work together