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Winter Portrait Session in Western Colorado

When you hear about winter in Western Colorado, I am sure you’re thinking of skiing, hot chocolate, etc. But what about your Senior Portrait Session?

Senior Portraits with Christmas Lights

Did you know that Christmas Lights can be a lovely and unique background for portraits? 
We have to time the session correctly because they last a month or so, but the background blur of these lights makes for stunning images. Of course, knowing how to use lighting equipment is a must for these photos because without it, your skin will come out dark, and you will also have a prominent color cast by the lights on your skin.

Montrose has some beautiful lights downtown with its famous tree. It makes it for beautiful senior pics that will set you apart from your classmates. Have you seen anyone showing pics with Christmas Lights in the background?

A Snowy Senior Portrait Session

Winter is more than just the holidays. And sometimes, it is challenging to fit a session during that busy time of the year. I get it! What do you think of a snow session? Western Colorado has quite a few mountains that will come out beautifully during the winter. The snowcaps, the scenery, etc., make it for a unique and EPIC session.

Something that is not very known is that a snowy day with clouds makes for great light. Of course, cloudy days are best for Natural Light photos because the light is nicely diffused through the clouds, but that light also bounces on the snow, which makes the most pleasing and flattering light on you!
One of my favorite spots for these kinds of a session is Ridgway. Why? Because you have the view of Mount Sneffel in the background and all the snow on the ground. It’s just unique and beautiful!
Does your pup enjoy playing in the snow? Bring them! I love dogs, and it’s always so fun to take some action photos of you and your pup playing together in the snow!

Guess what? You don’t have to be a high school senior for these sessions. Do you want a portrait just for fun or to immortalize a moment? All the above is also true for you!

What should I wear for my winter session?

“WHAT SHOULD I WEAR FOR MY WINTER SESSION?” is the most asked question. I always suggest my clients wear layers. You can wear any color jacket you want, bring a hat or a beanie so we can get creative with some excellent posing, and don’t hesitate to bring an extra set of clothes. The goal is not only for you to have EPIC photos but also to have the best experience in front of the camera. If you read the reviews from my previous clients, you will notice that many of them say that they were never comfortable in front of the camera but that booking a session with me made them very confident, and they had a lot of fun. It’s because I don’t treat sessions like a work day – I love photography so much that I always ensure we get the best shot and that you’re having so much fun!

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